Seminar Schedule

MBTG 914 Seminar Fall 2017 - Research Presentations

Fridays from 3:30-4:30 pm in 2131 of the HFD Biochemistry Building at 420 Henry Mall

Date Speaker Comments Snack Provider - 1st years sign up! (CMH will reimburse up to $30 a week)
9/8/17 Christina Hull Course Meeting/Workshop  
9/15/17 Christina Hull Workshop  
9/22/17 No seminar    
9/29/17 Justin McKetney 2nd year trainee  
10/6/17 Ani Varjabedian 2nd year trainee  
10/13/17 Alexis Lawton 2nd year trainee  
10/20/17 Hrindindu Roychowdhury 2nd year trainee  
10/27/17 Angela Myers 5th year trainee  
11/3/17 Katie Amato 2nd year trainee  
11/10/17 Marissa Gaskill 2nd year trainee  
11/17/17 Zack Romero 2nd year trainee  
11/24/17 No seminar Thanksgiving holiday  
12/1/17 Christina Hull Workshop  
12/8/17 MBTG Winter Business Meeting MBTG Trainees (Req yrs 1-3)