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Definition of an MBTG trainee


An MBTG trainee is any student who has been offered a position in the MBTG training program and has accepted it.  This is true whether or not the trainee is currently supported by the training grant.  For example, if a trainee is supported by a fellowship for the first year, they are still considered a first-year MBTG trainee.  Likewise, a trainee who was supported by the training grant for two years, and is now supported by his/her advisor's grant is still a trainee, until receiving a degree or otherwise leaving his/her Ph.D. program.  A trainee that is currently supported by the training grant is called a funded trainee or appointed trainee.  Only funded trainees can spend travel funds, supplies funds and society membership funds (see below).  This is all per NIH instructions.


Research rotations


As part of your Ph.D. program, you will participate in at least one semester of laboratory research rotations.  However, as an MBTG trainee, you may extend the duration and/or number of research rotations beyond that provided by your Ph.D. program.  Furthermore, you are not limited to the labs participating in your Ph.D. program; you are free to request a research rotation in the lab of any MBTG trainer, regardless of his or her Ph.D. program affiliation.


Trainees are encouraged to explore rotation opportunities with MBTG trainers outside of their Ph.D. program, and to continue their laboratory rotations into the second semester in order to fully benefit from the large number of excellent laboratories available to them.  All trainees must choose a thesis lab by the end of their first Spring semester.


Participating Ph.D. programs have agreed to allow MBTG trainees the opportunity to do extended rotations and rotations outside of the Ph.D. program.  To help you arrange such rotations if you wish, a member of the MBTG Steering Committee familiar with your Ph.D. program has been assigned as your MBTG advisor, and will arrange to meet with you before the semester begins.  You should feel free to contact your MBTG advisor or any member of the Steering Committee (see below) if you have any difficulty with research rotations.

MBTG Steering Committee faculty and their assigned advisees


Tim Gomez                            CMB and CMPath students                 

Jim Keck                                CMPath and IPiB students        

Robert Landick                       IPiB and MDTP students

Jade Wang                             MDTP and CMB students


Trainees should feel free to contact Christina Hull or any of the Steering Committee faculty for advice on arranging rotations or selecting a thesis lab. Trainees may also wish to consult with the MBTG trainee representatives to the Steering Committee. See the attached directories for contact information, or contact the Program Administrator, Kim Voss at 262-9880.


Thesis lab selection


In conjunction with the expanded research rotation opportunities, MBTG trainees may seek thesis lab placements with MBTG trainers outside of their Ph.D. program.  Should a trainee choose as his/her thesis advisor an MBTG trainer who is not affiliated with the student's degree program, one of two things must happen: 1) the degree program may choose to accept the MBTG trainer into their trainer pool, or 2) the trainee may choose to change degree programs.


Should an MBTG trainee choose as his/her thesis advisor a faculty member who is not an MBTG trainer, one of two things must happen: 1) the prospective thesis advisor must apply and be accepted to the MBTG trainer pool, or 2) the student must withdraw from the MBTG program.  Because the MBTG trainer pool is very large (about 90 faculty) and well aligned with trainees’ interests, such occurrences are rare.


If you encounter any difficulty in selecting a thesis lab, please contact Christina Hull, your assigned MBTG advisor or any member of the Steering Committee.


Trainer lab descriptions


To assist in arranging research rotations, there follows one-page descriptions of the labs of MBTG trainers who are accepting rotation students this year, in alphabetical order by last name.  These pages were prepared by the trainers themselves, so they should be accurate and up-to-date.  If you do not find a page for an MBTG trainer’s lab in which you are interested, contact the trainer directly (see attached directory) to ask if she/he is accepting rotation students.  (Don't forget to mention that you are a MBTG trainee!)


Trainer and trainee directories


These directories are located at the trainer lab descriptions.