Progress Requirements

Trainee progress tracking and advising


All participating PhD programs require that their students establish a student advisory committee by the end of the first year of graduate school. This committee typically consists of five faculty members, including the thesis advisor. For all MBTG trainees, at least three of the advisory committee members must be active trainers of the Molecular Biosciences Training Grant (although exceptions to this rule can be requested). The trainee's advisory committee meets with the trainee annually, and with the committee’s input, the advisor completes a report on the student's progress. The student is also asked to report on his/her progress. Both progress reports are to be sent to Kim Voss by October 15 of each year, AFTER a one-on-one meeting with any member of the MBTG Steering Committee. (Students entering their 6th year of training and beyond meet with the MBTG Director.) If there are any concerns, a Steering Committee member will contact the trainee and/or thesis advisor. MBTG progress report forms are distributed to trainees each August. Progress reports must be submitted annually until the trainee completes his or her graduate studies.


Acknowledgement of MBTG funding in publications


In any publications that derive from your graduate studies, please remember to acknowledge your training grant support.Typical wording would be: “(your initials) was supported by NIH National Research Service Award T32 GM07215.”